I know Heidi was the right coach for me, because I have been able to actually make changes and see tremendous growth since working with her. She is a brilliant detective who is able to masterfully read subtext and help you see what is right in front of you, particularly as it relates to the ways in which your business + life interplay. Because they really, really do interplay when you run your own ship! I did not anticipate doing quite as much of the personal work that I've done, but that has absolutely been the catalyst for change, in the business and within me. My biggest changes have related to healthy boundaries and setting expectations in ways that make both my clients and me feel spectacularly cared for. This is a huge and wonderful shift in my business and life, and I have Heidi to thank for her support, intelligence, and guidance.

Alexis Buryk, City Love Photography

Working with Heidi lifted me up to a higher ground where I gained insight and vision to move forward. I felt stuck and her gentle yet profound inquiries brought me to a very real understanding of my gifts. Heidi is extremely intuitive and in a very short time encouraged me to trust, value, and cherish my wisdom and life experience.

Jane Reeves, Owner of Yoga Jane


I had some old stories that were holding me back from allowing my practice and business to grow. Heidi asked the right kinds of questions that allowed me to see that I’d been playing small for too long and that it was time to really own my strengths, skills, and worth.

Heidi is a great fit for an introverted entrepreneur like myself - she’s thoughtful, not pushy, takes time to reflect, and respects her client’s pace while encouraging us to find our edge, it's in that place of productive discomfort, where the growth happened for me. And Heidi was right alongside me in that.

Brian Dean Williams (MA, RCC, CCC) Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Workshop Leader, Introvert

Before working with Heidi, I was not happy with the direction my business was moving in. Heidi helped me to identify areas in my business that were not lining up with who I am and how I prefer to work. After working with Heidi, I noticed in the first quarter of the year, I have earned more take-home income than I did the entire year previously.

Tammy Martin, Martin Marketing



Before I started working with Heidi, I was feeling like I was always moving but never getting anywhere in my business. The results I have gained from the coaching with Heidi is the ability to trust and have confidence in what I sense deep inside, along with how to stand in the value I bring in the marketplace. I had a huge shift in the way I see myself and what I offer my clients.

Simchah Huizar, Breath of Life Yoga

Heidi helped me identify what I do to turn my dissatisfaction in my work life into action. She was able to pinpoint areas of my work style that were getting in the way of my happiness and future success. Heidi’s ability to recognize key mindset shifts necessary to change my work life also changed the way I looked at my entire life.

Jennifer Kyle Communications Coordinator

I remember feeling so frustrated with my business before Heidi and I began to work together. I was struggling with describing what I do and believing that people will buy it. I knew I was close, but I just couldn't get over that next hurdle. I wanted to be able to speak with ease about what I do for clients.

I am walking away from this work with permission to do business my way along with the confidence in KNOWING how I help and how that is unique.

Nancy J Smith Therapist, writer, and speaker

With Heidi’s help, I’ve unlocked a part of myself that I’d thought was gone forever, but was only sleeping. She gently guided me in searching myself, my motives, my abilities, and now I’m braver in every area of my life. I’m doing things I never thought I could, like set up book signings, interviews, speaking engagements, and being more authentic in my writing and in my relationships.

Erin E.M. Hatton, Author