Business coaching for caring people.

People are too often compared to machines, which could be why they try to behave like them - Methodical. Formulaic...User friendly.


But like all organic material, we only thrive when we’re fed.

And we only grow when we lean into the burn of a worthy challenge AND the lightness of our natural gifts.  

My first job, my first industry, and later my first entrepreneurial venture was in flowers. On the front end, you’d have seen a quaint shop and a woman smiling, surrounded by the elegance of the earth. What you wouldn’t see was the backend - an ag business, and a woman carrying buckets of water, working hours in refrigerated rooms with wet hands, standing too long on cement floors.

She’d try to divert your attention from her index fingers, blackened by small lacerations, courtesy of razor-like leaves and thorns, embedded with the same soil that was tucked under her freshly polished nails.

Just because we hide our labor certainly doesn’t mean it can’t break us.

There are eras of feast and famine when producing a life and career, and in the time I’ve built mine, I’ve floraled the kind of weddings that spend $100,000 just on the plant life. I’ve interior designed at boutique agencies. And I’ve worked for nearly free when I went back to school for social work after volunteering with the homeless to get out of my head and into the mud of what it was I really wanted.

Social work, hands-on therapy training, tech skills, and a burgeoning Internet spurred my life coaching business. Life coaching, a farmer’s work ethic, and hard-won business acumen spurred my coaching business.

Every seed that’s planted will be restless until it’s fully recognized as what it was designed to be. Every seed burrows down at the same time it stretches up.

Where are you in this process of becoming? And how exhausted do you have to get before you ask for rain?


Just because we hide our labor certainly doesn’t mean it can’t break us.  


My work is about redesigning businesses to be more prolific and more bountiful in money.

With my clients, we often arrange completely new processes, new offerings, new gestures that encompass their values and position them as the experts they are.

This work involves examining old bruises and, at the same time, getting real about the talents going unnoticed and the skills being underutilized. Besides, the most illustrious petals can simultaneously rock a bottomless purple and an electric yellow.

Like any exotic bloom, we’re most intoxicating, most alluring, and happiest when we’re getting what we desire…

and when we’re finally at home in our own dirt.

{Let’s talk. The seeds you’ve planted only need different conditions to grow.}


Heidi Taylor is what happens when a sales coach collides with a life coach. Her style is relational. Her system is proprietary. And her approach is a yin yang of both kind and direct. She has over ten years experience running businesses, both off and online.