What do you think? She said...

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I’ve been talking about intake forms and questionnaires in my IG stories lately {watch my IG highlights} And today I am talking testimonials.

HOW you ask your clients for a testimonial matters.

When you compose a subject line asking for a testimonial and it reads like this:

What did you think? Here’s what to do instead:

What to do:

  1. Create a system for collecting testimonials

  2. Use an online platform to collect and save all of your testimonials in one place

  3. Know when and how to invite your client into the process of giving a testimonial is crucial - (hint, it isn’t always after the work is done). 😮

  4. Ask specific questions that help your client describe the difference the work has made in their business or life

  5. Prepare your client in advance of the testimonial request about what it is you are asking of them and why

What NOT to do.

  1. Expecting your client to know what to say about working with you

  2. Attribute the results of the work to you - it’s not about you

  3. Ask your client to sum up their experience working with you

I believe the experience you create for a client who is willing to offer you a testimonial should match the level of service you’ve given your client all the way. This will change the way you do business I can guarantee you that.

A testimonial tells a story and provides results so leaving it to the end and treating it as an afterthought is costing you future business.

If you want to know more about how testimonials can be created and how to use them as a tool for future sales and marketing, start by digging into this form.

Steph Zangeneh Azam